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Mosquito vs. Driver

Driver loses!

Pardon the lag on these posts. Life has been pretty hectic with work and family having one thing after another happening, plus with this weird weather we’ve been having lately, it’s been a whirlwind of a month…but fear not, dear readers, I’ve returned to grace cyberspace with my words of wit!
Now that it’s October, I thought that I’d be finished with the warm weather annoyances of mosquitoes. Nope. Warm weather here and there apparently resets Mother Nature’s clock and it’s mosquito breeding season…in October. What a nuisance these things are…I’ll share a recent experience which I hope you can learn from. One warm morning, unusually warm for the fall, I was settling into my car for the morning drive to work and a few mosquitoes had managed to hitch a ride into the door before I was able to shut it.
Note: to all the distracted drivers out there, it’s REALLY DANGEROUS to even consider driving when you have little insects flying in your ears or attempting to bite you through your work clothes. Get rid of the bugs BEFORE you hit the road if you can. Driving and being distracted by a mosquito biting you or a fly crawling up your nose is not worth your life!
Anyway, I must’ve had ninja mosquitos in the car that day since they were unusually quiet and I didn’t know I had about 3 bites on my ankles by the time I was midway to work. Tolerating this was idiotic and driving me nuts, so I pulled into one of those vacuum-equipped gas stations and spent the 50 cents to use the damn vacuum on the mosquitoes. They wouldn’t leave the car interior even with the air conditioning on full blast and I wasn’t about to keep driving with the risk of getting ZICA or West Nile or whateveritis-numerous diseases that are carried by these winged pests.
Main points of this story:
*Keep mosquitoes and flying insects out of your car to keep your concentration on the road
*Vacuums can effectively solve almost any flying pest problem if it’s an isolated area and you have no other solution.
*Warm humid weather is a perfect breeding environment for mosquitoes, so make sure to either dump or put a few drops of dish-washing soap in any standing water around your house.

Safe (and bug-free) driving out there, fellow commuters!


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