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Art and Music


This is a preview of one of my acrylic paintings.

The name of this piece will follow soon but I just wanted to share how it incorporates my love of art and music.  I’m also showing how we digest “new” music like hungry fish only to be hooked with certain songs.  There’s a cyclical nature to art and music since we have our waxing and waning moods that change what we like and dislike, but we will always have that pattern of criteria that makes a specific piece (whether musical or artistic) touch our mind, hearts, and soul to make the world seem like a better place to be.



About The Art Boss

I'm a wordnerdy writer, multimedia artist, working professional and communications grad student. This is one of my venues for sharing electronic versions of my written and artistic work. Enjoy the glimpse into my online adventures navigating through the textual and image-related realm!

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